"Worship leader, liturgist, musician with a global perspective, gifted preacher ... Susan Phillips brings a wide and rare range of gifts to Christian worship. When people ask about liturgical reform, renewal, and "worship in the future," I'll say, 'You need to learn from Susan.'"        

                                                                         - Brian D. McLaren, author, speaker, activist 

What I love --

~worship that moves us body and soul!

~interactive, relational, multi-sensory, creative, faithful spaces that propel us out to serve God’s world with love.

~integrating people and arts to create space for encountering the Sacred and building community.


Worship I design includes: prayer, ritual, images, video, theater, dance, conversation, sacraments, installation and fiber arts, meditation, scripture and preaching.

Workshops I lead invite reflection, engagement, practice and more reflection about change, faith & doubt, arts, community, love & justice.

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UMC New England Annual Conference, Bishop's Lenten Retreat, March 2014

Lenten Reflections: Hope and Shadows
We journey by stages through the season of Lent toward Jerusalem.
We journey with Jesus, disciples and other biblical ancestors through the shadows and hopes of life and faith toward the unfolding story of Holy Week. In our time together, we will journey through the lectionary and consider how we are coming and going with courage and compassion. We will explore the vulnerability of moving with the Spirit. We will prepare ourselves for traveling together. We are invited to attend to the presence of God as we explore these sacred paths.



Susan Phillips

Pastor, Worship Designer, Workshop Leader

"What I learn with the folks I serve in Wisconsin can be gifts to the wider church."


Travis Reed of The Work of the People caught Susan unplugged with a question about crucifixion.

So, unplanned, unrehearsed, unscripted...